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High-performance NVH

Acoustic packaging for noise reduction
NVH materials, also known as acoustic materials, mainly composed of sound-absorbing materials, sound insulation materials, damping shock absorption materials, etc., are mainly used to reduce noise acoustic packaging, in order to achieve our current subjective feeling requirements.
At present, our high-performance NVH materials are widely used in passenger vehicles, buses, light rail.
NVH materials
Two-component sound-absorbing cotton material - ordinary sound-absorbing cotton material
Small density, light weight, environmental protection;
High sound absorption performance, especially high frequency sound absorption performance.
Two-component sound-absorbing cotton material - high temperature sound-absorbing cotton material
Good resistance to high temperature and heat and oxygen aging.
Polyurethane porous sound absorbing material - low density hard foam
(1)Good medium and high frequency sound absorption performance;
(2)Small smell, environmental protection;
(3) Good high temperature performance;
(4)Excellent flame retardant performance;
(5) Good shape.
Polyurethane porous sound absorbing material-Soft foam
(1)Good medium and high frequency sound absorption performance;
(2)High temperature resistance  (3)Excellent flame retardant performance;
(4) Good shape
High performance sound insulation material -EVA sound insulation shee
(1)High sound insulation;(2)High flame retardant performance.
Broadband noise reduction material
Excellent sound insulation performance.