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Titanium-like nano-crystals

Titanium-like nano-crystals. In order to embrace the arrival of the 5G era
In order to meet the arrival of the 5G era, the application of ceramic glass will inevitably require the use of high-strength and ultra-thin alloy materials. Titanium-like nano-crystal material is a new developed material that integrates the strength of titanium alloy, the high gloss of stainless steel, and the die castability of aluminum alloy. It realizes the die-casting technology of copper alloy, which is superior to existing products in the market. The high-gloss effect has a leading advantage in the industry, and patent applications have been filed at home and abroad.
Toughened and refined
During toughening and refinement, the second phases are ductile particles and dendrites. The existence of nano-dendritic networks can effectively hinder the propagation of shear band cracks, resulting in a large amount of plastic deformation during deformation, thereby increasing material plasticity and improving material toughness.
MST alloy
Independently transform the vacuum system and control system of the die-casting machine. Independently realize the design and processing of amorphous alloy mold, and realize the industrialized semi-automatic production of the amorphous alloy.